The McCall Pilates Studio welcomes you  with Private Sessions, Semi-Private Sessions, Apparatus Classes, Mat Classes, and Trapeze 360 Hammock Yoga. You will learn the Pilates method of mindful movement.

McCall Pilates is a  fully equipped Pilates studio in the heart of Idaho. The studio also offers Trapeze Yoga.

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Each session will be 50-55 minutes so we have ample time to clean in between clients and transition safely. Please do not come into studio if you have been in contact with anyone sick or have been traveling out of the country. Please wear a mask into the studio. Classes in studio require masks throughout session.  



Exclusively for MAY 2021:
3 Virtual Classes per week (13 classes total)
$125 for May Challenge
or,  $12/Virtual Class drop-in


$150 for May Challenge with ACCESS to EXCLUSIVE CONTENT
3 Virtual Class per week
featuring Tara Osborne & Lisa Marie

SPRING INTO MOVEMENT with these amazing classes…

Mondays at 10:00 A.M. with Gwen
Let’s Pilates at the Barre
Start your week off right with this fun, blended approach to Pilates and Barre. Guest appearance by Lisa Marie one Monday morning.
👊 💪 Props needed: Overball, 2-3# Weights 💪 👊
Open to all levels
Wednesdays at 10:00 A.M. with SuSu
Able Body Awareness
This mid-week class is designed to develop mindfulness while learning to develop and maintain balance, strength, and flexibility. ABA is appropriate for those who have osteoporosis, limited spinal movement, and anyone looking for a great Pilates mat-based session.
👊 💪 Props needed: Theraband, (1) Hand Towel, and (1) 3ft Dowel or Yardstick 💪 👊
Open to all levels
Saturdays at 10:30 A.M. with Keliann
Stretch & Flow
Kick your weekend off with awareness and restoration in this class designed to increase flexibility and gently rejuvenate the body for the day ahead.
👊 💪 Props needed: Theraband, Overball, Foam Roller, Small ball for footwork 💪 👊
Open to all levels


Tara Osborne, DPT


Friday May 14th & 21st
@ 2:00 P.M.

Tara is a DPT who specializes in Postural Restoration Institute (PRI). She is currently only one of four credentialed in this specialty in Idaho, Utah, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, and Nevada.
TBA. . .

Lisa Marie, Pilates Instructor


Friday May 28th @ 2:00 P.M.

.Lisa Marie has been teaching Pilates for over 16 years, and 5 years ago gained her Master Pilates Certification with Balanced Body. During that certification she went more in depth with the traditional work taught by Joseph Pilates and the 1st Generation Teachers.
TBA. . .

All 3 Workshops are included in May EXCLUSIVE Membership ($150). Drop in price per Workshop class is only $20.

Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to gain flexibility & balance, reduce stress, and increase full body strength with YOUR team!

Please sign up to reserve your spot for all classes. You can email or call us to get your spot.  To sign up online, click here.

Can’t attend virtual class live? No worries! We record all classes. Access to recorded classes is available for up to 24 hours after class time.


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Are you new to Mindful Movement?

You will achieve your fitness, and movement goals by joining us a the studio. You will get lean, strong, and feel better by having a mindful movement practice.

If you are new to mindful movement we suggest taking an Introductory Package that includes 3 private sessions for $210! This package includes posture analysis, Pilates fundamentals, and offers you the opportunity to feel the whole method: Reformer, Wundu Chair, Tower, Barrel, and Oov. These sessions are tailored for you and will prepare you to join our Apparatus classes.

What to expect in a private session:

In a Private Pilates session, you experience a 55-minute session tailored to your body’s level and desired focus on Pilates mat and equipment: the Reformer, Wall Unit, Functional Foot Prints, Ring, Wunda Chair, and much more. A private session allows a unique whole-body experience of discovery and awareness while strengthening, toning, and increasing flexibility. All sessions are taught by a Certified Pilates Teacher.

Want to share your Pilates session with a friend?

Try Semi-Private Pilates (Duet) sessions!

McCall Pilates offers Semi-Private (Duets) Pilates that accommodates two clients. Workout simultaneously under the instruction of a Pilates teacher on the Pilates equipment. Semi-privates are a great way to lower the cost of Pilates and motivate you and your partner to continue your movement practice. This package is price-based per person (each person needs to buy a package).

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Call 208.315.3739 or email mccallpilates@gmail.com if you do not want to schedule online. Thanks for your interest in McCall Pilates and we look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals!

YOUR McCall Pilates Studio Team

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