Why Pilates

What Pilates can do for you

  • Improve movement in your joints, back, shoulders, hips, and knees
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Improve your posture
  • Improve your stability and balance
  • Improve your athletic performance – golf, soccer, running, cycling, climbing, kayaking
  • Decrease or eliminate back pain
  • Improve your body awareness and the mind-body connection
  • Tone your body without creating “bulky muscles” or compromising your joints and spine

How Pilates is different

Pilates is different from conventional forms of resistance training and conditioning. There are 6 defining principles of Pilates:

Alignment – Optimal alignment is achieved with proper positioning of the head, shoulders, ribcage, pelvis, legs, and feet. This alignment is maintained while performing the exercises.

Breath – Proper and effective breathing not only oxygenates the muscles, it also assists in activating the core muscles and reduces tension in the upper neck and shoulders.

Centering – Pilates exercises should be initiated from a stable center or torso, helping to create flowing, efficient movements.

Concentration – Pilates builds the mind-body connection by consciously using the mind to control the movements of the body.

Control and Precision – Every movement counts and has an intention. This eliminates the need for high repetitions and multiple sets.

Flow – Motion should be smooth and continuous to build stamina and endurance.

Why Pilates works

  • The attention placed on proper alignment restores muscular balance.
  • Proper diaphragmatic breathing carries oxygen to the muscles and initiates the contractions of the deep stabilizing muscles during exercise.
  • The focus and concentration required keeps the mind sharp.
  • Completing each movement with proper posture, form, and positioning eliminates the risk of injury. Control, precision, and quality of movement are more important than quantity.
  • Developing the deep stabilizing muscles produces a body that is strong and stable from the inside out.
  • With proper instruction, all exercises can be modified. Pilates can be challenging to the elite athlete yet safe and effective for an older adult.

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  1. I have recently started pilates and am suprised at how much I can do but am appreciating how much is involved bringing movement and mind together. I feel relaxed but tierd aftet a class. Feels good!

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