Exercise of the week (2)

Shoulder Bridge

Shoulder bridge can be performed many ways…this is my favorite.

Articulate hips and spine up off the group. Stop at the base of your shoulder blades. Lift hips up high without arching the back. Articulate the spine down one vertebra at a time to get a great spine stretch. Bring hips back down onto the ground into neutral. Press into the mat with triceps and back of shoulder blades toward the mat as your articulate up and down. Keep knees hip width apart and keep inner thigh active.  Do not balance on neck!!! If you feel any pain. Stop, and talk to your pilates instructor about this!

( Do not articulate the spine up and down if you have osteoporosis, keep back flat)

Need a challenge? Extend one leg at a 45 degree angle without the hips moving. Then switch. Try to keep hips stable as one leg extends at the 45 degree angle.

Need a bigger challenge? Put feet on top of swiss balance ball and try to go up into a bridge without ball moving.


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