Exercise of the week (3)

So Fayetteville, WV has survived another zombie apocalypse storm. No electricity for three days with 30-40 degree temp. can either be miserable or just plain fun. I kept moving to stay warm. Taking a hike in the snow, going for a fun run around town, pilates with jumping jacks, making a snow man, shoveling snow, having a push up contest, and playing on the wundu chair with friends.  So another few days of simple yet functional movement kept me sane but also warm. One exercise that kept me warm and my core strong is the Roll-up.


Roll up

Start with legs long on the floor, laying on your back. Extend arms overhead reaching behind your head, Keep rib cage soft. On an exhale, bring arms toward sky, lift head on inhale. Bow forward, Exhale, articulate spine off mat. Get a pelvic tilt (draw lower back towards floor, do not push back) Curl forward with arms and head. Lift heart, and extend your heart (sternum) towards feet. Try to reach with sternum and not arms. Inhale start to roll back, Exhale, articulate spine back on the floor.

Need a challenge?

Go half way down (see photo). Without upper body moving, Inhale open arms wide, Exhale bring arms back to shoulder width. 5 total.

Enjoy and stay warm!

(Do not attempt if you have osteoporosis or back pain, talk to your pilates instructor!)


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