Every sport or activity will eventually create imbalances of the muscles and tendons.

If you are addicted to your favorite sport, outdoor activity, or work out it is important that you challenge your body by incorporating balance in your life. I have learned over the years, and still learning … balance is the key to a healthy mind and body.

Balance in diet, workouts, sleep, play, and work will help you achieve satisfaction in life. Find balance by trying a class or sport that may seem too easy or hard for you. You might be surprised on how your choices always lead to what you “think” you need. 

 The past year I have been taking the journey of learning how to rock climb/boulder, it has strengthened so many muscles that I have not used in years. It has also humbled my ego and therefore has satisfied my craving for adventure! I still struggle and sometimes “think” I should quit climbing (I feel so weak).But I keep trying….and stop thinking! Lets see what happens…

Take a journey to  balance your life. Surprise yourself! Enjoy




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