Self-Myofascial workshop on March 30th

Learn Self-Myofascial Release techniques on foam roller. Improve flexibility, performance, and reduce chronic pain. You can perform the learned techniques at home to maximize your recovery time. This workshop will include stretches and the basics to self-massaging your body.

Pre-register: Give Lisa Marie a call at 719-221-4178 or email.
$15.00 for the 1.5 hour long workshop.
Registration closes March 28th.

Workshop is offered at: Kula Yoga Studio, Downtown Fayetteville, WV

When: March 30th, Saturday

foam roller, myo fascial release, back pain, massage, west virginia, kula yoga, pilates, shoulder pain, neck pain
foam roller, myo fascial release, back pain, massage, west virginia, kula yoga, pilates, shoulder pain, neck pain

Why: Cause you only have one body!
How: Call Lisa Marie or email
How Much: $15 for workshop
Additional cost: Bring your own foam roller or buy a Foam roller cost ($20-45, depending on the foam roller)
Other release props will be available.

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