Take care of yourself with an Holistic ALL STAR team!

Recently I had a back injury climbing. Talk about a big set back. Luckily I have a team that helped me get out of pain and back to my normal life. Now this is not just a normal team of bodyworkers this is an ALL star team.

 An all star team in small town West Virginia!

To start off I will give you a little background of my health history first…

Throughout my life I have struggled with my health. I was born with a positive blood type, and my mom has a negative blood type which caused my moms antibodies to attack my blood, Its called the Rhesus Factor: www.wisegeek.com/what-is-the-rhesus-factor.htm (more info on this website)

I was born in 1980 so this was before the Rh immunoglobulin shot was invented. Luckily my mother decided for me to not have a blood transfusion. (the nurse talked her out of it) When I was born my body decided to heal itself without the need of a blood transfusion. I also forgot to mention that when I was in the womb the doctor performed an amniocentesis and accidentally hit my shoulder with the needle. Thank you for not hitting my brain.

Overall, I was a pretty healthy baby. However, around the age of 6 I got sick for over 2 weeks and my mom found me in my bed covered with puke and rashes completely covering my body. My parents rushed me to the ER only to find out that I’m probably allergic to eggs. I don’t think that was the issue. I eat eggs to this day and have no allergic reactions.

From the age of 6-12 I had terrible bladder control. Talk about embarrassing. My sister never really wanted to sleep in the same bed as me. I never wanted to stay at someones elses house due to this problem of peeing in my sleep. A few ER trips later, I grew out of this problem.

From ages 12-18 I had severe allergies from the months of august to november. I remember running in a cross county meet and an hour later my eyes closing up to the point I could not see. Benadryl was the medicine of choice. Did I have a choice?
Years later I found out from the owner of a health food store that I’m allergic to milk. I took dairy out of my diet and have not had a major allergic reaction since. Eggs…Milk…???

Cross county and track took up most of my time in high school. I just loved running. Running to the point I gave myself a stress fracture in my femur and tons of shin splints.

At age 18 I moved to Oregon to go to college. My 1st year I fell skiing and broke my humerus, patella, and tore my acl. This fall lead to radial nerve damage on my left arm and basically no movement on my left hand. Luckily I had amazing PT that built an Edward scissor hand contraption to keep movement in my left fingers. Thank you!

Okay, this is what lead to an AH HA moment. I need to take care of myself, I need to get rid of these old imbalances and injuries. That is when I decided to become a personal trainer, and then eventually a Pilates instructor. With all of these old injuries and unexplained health issues, I decided that the convential  western medicine was not the answer! I wanted to help others with their pain and therefore I learned how I can help myself but also develop a team of people to help me.

I will skip a few years (Colorado, and all the amazing team I had there) and go to my West Virgina team…

So back to my recent back injury. Its been about a year since I moved to WV, and I have been taking care of others but not paying attention to my self. I believe that this recent injury was a calling saying “LISA, why are you avoiding yourself?” ” WAKE UP” “Get HELP”

When I got back from my trip I called Julie (the local acupuncutrist) to get an appointment with her. She got me in the next day at 8AM! An hour later I felt a huge relief. That day I continued stretching and putting my legs up the wall to keep the blood flow. The next day I went to Erin Larsen gentle yoga class at Kula. I modified any poses that did not feel right. That same day I got Reiki from Cat Mitchell, I slowly was able to get my legs to full length without any back pain (72 hours later)

Combination of Arnica gel, tablets, and ibuprofen helped relieve the pain. Jim Maxwell, massage therapist adjusted my hips in a manner of 10 minutes. My low back pain got even more relief. The next day I had to go back to work! I decided that I need to keep moving and got on the Pilates reformer and just moved for about 20 minutes.

9 Days later, I can walk and pretty much 80% pain-free. A wake up call! I have decided that the team of amazing bodyworkers in Fayetteville and Charleston got me to this point. Without this team I probably would be still laying in bed wondering what to do. I plan to continue massage, Reiki, pilates, yoga, AIS stretching, and acupuncture forever. No more breaks from taking care of myself.

I must take care of myself 1st so I can continue helping others! 🙂

Here is the line up of The ALL STAR Holistic West Virginia Team!

Reiki/Massage: Cat Mitchell http://www.wvheaven.massagetherapy.com/
Acupuncture: Julie Hwhang http://www.sacredneedle.com/
Massage: Jim Maxwell http://www.canyonmassageandbodywork.com/
Yoga: Kula Yoga Studio http://www.wvkula.com/ (Erin, Randy, Yve, Kim, and Sue)
Pilates: Kula Yoga Studio and Centered http://www.centeredpilates.org
AIS stretching: Amy Goins http://www.centeredpilates.org

Something to think about…

Total cost: $259
Reiki: $60-$75
Massage: $60-$75
Acupuncture: $75-95
Stretching: FREE
Yoga: $10-$15
Pilates: FREE or $10
Arnica Gel: $15
Arnica pills: $9.00

Compared to going to the Doctor or ER without insurance : $1000-$2000, Pain Pills: $35-50

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