Warm up before you ski…McCall Idaho

Its finally snowing in Idaho, and I’m super excited to enjoy the fresh snow. Studies have shown that stretching after your workout is more important before than after. I often here people say ” I will stretch later” However, I think it is important to make sure your warmed up before you hit the slopes or hit the ski trails. This takes less than 10 minutes…

Think about this: your driving up the mountain, its cold, your drinking your cup of coffee, your muscles are still waking up and your super excited to get in some deep powder. (for some of you, you haven’t skied in deep powder since last year) Now, your asking your body to perform like a rock star. Well, be a rock star and actually prepare before you dive in into bliss.

2 main reasons: Why you need to warm up/stretch before you ski! Make sure you stretch after too.

1.) You have been sitting in a cold car (muscles and tendons are cold, not much blood flow going on). You have a bigger chance of injury if your muscles are cold.

2.) Your most likely dehydrated (running out the door, not thinking about water intake). Stretch and drink water.


Here are a few stretches/warm up drills you can do in the parking lot!

-Start by marching in place, warming up the legs- try to keep your upper body still, and feet quiet

-If you have great balance, bring one leg up and hold onto your shin or hamstring, hold for 30 seconds, switch sides. (you can use your car or truck for extra balance)

-Standing upright engaging your core. Extend one leg long off the ground. Make small circles, reverse. Switch legs

-March again, this time, draw your right hand towards your left bent knee, switch sides. Again, keeping your core engaged.

-Now drink water! Don’t forget to drink more water throughout your day.


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