Summer 2014

Summer in McCall!

Stop what your doing, and enjoy the summer!
Stop what your doing, and enjoy the summer!

This is my first summer in McCall Idaho! What a truly amazing place with amazing people! I hope you are having a super fun summer outdoors and taking your pilates fundamentals into your favorite summer activites.  I thought I would write up a few reminders for you. Enjoy!


1.) When you wake up, get a big glass of water and drink the whole glass.

2.) Start your day with a brisk walk in the cool summer air.

3.) Stretch your spine, legs, arms, neck slowly to wake up the muscles. Don’t over stretch. Be Nice!

4.) Drink more water. Then treat yourself to your favorite drink.

5.) Take your pilates fundamentals into your daily tasks or favorite activites!

Walking:  Walk with feet straight foward ( no duck or pigeon feet)

Gardneing: Hinge at hips and not at your mid or low back

Paddling: Stretch before and after, get your legs into internal rotation. Go with the flow, don’t fight the water.

Biking: Stretch and add more extension stretches! Stop for a moment, and enjoy the scenery.

Running: Stretch your butt with the figure 4 stretch.

Drinking: Try to drink with your opposite hand (Lol)

Backpacking: Stretch, and don’t over do it! Check your pack before you head out and make sure it isn’t too heavy.

Do you really  need all that?

Reading: Put your book up to eye level, stop looking down.

Ipad, Iphone, Computer: Turn it off and reach your arms above your head 20 times. Keep your phone. ipad, etc. off…

6.) Enjoy the long days, watch the sunrise and sunset.

Live Life, Love Life!



Lisa Marie