Welcome Sean to the McCall Pilates Team!


McCall Pilates Studio celebrates 1 year anniversary on May 1st, 2015. Yes, one year has flown by in a flash and the studio has been busy with fun classes, and private sessions.

Lisa Marie, has been searching for the perfect Summer guest Pilates instructor since she opened the doors in 2014.  As a celebration for 1 year, the studio is super excited to announce Sean D’Amboise to be part of the McCall Pilates Staff!  Check out his bio below…

Originally from the state of Maine, Sean has been living in Salt Lake City for the past 11 years and studying the ins and outs of the Pilates Method along the way. He received his Pilates training from Streamline Bodyworks, a well renowned Classical Pilates studio in Salt Lake, and is thrilled to now be a part of the McCall community.

Sean’s prior feats in life include competing on the professional snowboard circuit throughout the United States and parts of Europe. For 12 years Sean was a trampoline instructor at a ski and snowboard academy. His flipping and flying experience has given him the balance, control and coordination that is required and practiced in Pilates. Sean’s stance on Pilates is that it should be used as one of many tools in your toolbox in order for you to maintain your overall wellbeing, especially when it’s done at your own working level, no matter what that might be.

When Sean is out of the studio he is found biking the trails around McCall, rock climbing, rafting, to name a few. Sean’s kind heartedness and spiritedly personality are just a few reasons why we are grateful to have Sean join us on our team.