Why Pilates is worth every penny!


I often have friends or interested clients ask me, “Why is Pilates expensive?”…A few years ago, I just replied,  “That’s what the owner charges.” Well, now I’m the owner and manager of a small studio, and I can’t ignore the question. After some serious thought, here is my answer.

Pilates is expensive because it’s worth it. Honestly, that is my answer. But of course, I will explain for those who are just starting their first Pilates method experience and for the more advanced student. Each session consists of the instructor analyzing how you move, and the experienced and well-educated instructor, directing you to move with efficient, graceful movements. The instructor will also teach you how to breathe. They will instruct you to use your full potential with each inhale and exhale, thus allowing your ribs to move organically without tension.  As you take this with you; it will change your life.

In a session you will learn how to engage your transverse abdominals and your pelvic floor with each breath. The instructor will notice if your global muscles take over and facilitate to get your muscles to work with synergy. A book or DVD can’t facilitate you.

The instructor’s educated eye will help you get your mind and body to your full flexibility/strength potential. Having a skillful instructor getting you to move with grace is serious bliss. IT’S FUN! So yes, this is one reason why Pilates is worth the money. However, let’s look at the big picture…

Education costs:

Each instructor receives over 400 hours of training and goes through extensive testing and observations. A master instructor has over 1000 hours of certifications, workshops, and trainings. These trainings and certifications are not cheap, but important. Education is key to becoming a master instructor. Make sure your instructor has the credentials and education required! You are paying not just for an amazing Pilates session, but also for the knowledge.

Studio costs:

In addition to studio rent, there are utilities, toilet paper, website, marketing, credit card percentage, and liability insurance that all add into the cost. Equipment is costly but invaluable. It’s so worth it! I could go on about it. If this was all free, price per session/class could go down.

Is Pilates expensive, yes, but in order for a studio to stay in business, it must meet its overhead. Instructors deserve every penny they make after expenses; in the end, the instructor spends their hard-earned money on their education and cost of living. As a client, you are supporting the Pilates revolution, you are investing in your house (body), and therefore your instructor will invest in becoming the best possible instructor. They will share this knowledge with you.

I hope this answers your questions. Is it worth it?


Lisa Marie

“You cannot know yourself until you know your body” Dyan Cannon