November Pilates Challenge


November can be a challenging month to get motivated.  The weather is changing, days are shorter, and the holidays are here. (Parties, candy, sweets, weather, t.v, homework etc….)

The McCall Pilates studio is offering a Pilates challenge to get your motivation in high gear.

How it works:

Every week, at the studio sign in to log your attended class/session in the month of November. If you complete 3 classes a week for the whole month of November-including Thanksgiving week you will get 1 free private session with Sean or Lisa Marie.  Yep, you heard that right.  We will keep a list of how many classes you attend, so make sure you sign in.

Whoever, attends the most classes/sessions in the month of November will receive a special surprise and will be announced on December 1st.  YAY!

Goal: Do Pilates at least 3 times a week (no excuses)

Why:  Pilates is awesome !

Who: You

When: Starting  Nov. 2nd-30th

How: Sign up for a class today! Make sure you keep track at the studio. Don’t forget to log you attended a class/session.

What classes count? Any classes, and/or private sessions that Sean, Lisa Marie, or Linda Thompson teach at Rudy’s Gym and/or Studio.

New to Pilates: Yes, you can start today!

Questions: Email


Rules: 3 sessions a week, you can not make up a session the next week. The week starts on Monday-Saturday.  4 weeks total. ( Monday the 30th will be included on week 23-28th). You must physically attend the sessions/ classes (need I say more?)

Reach for the sky!


On your marks, get set…..GO