Why Pilates?

Lets welcome Linda Thompson to the McCall Pilates Studio Team! She has been working on her Pilates certifications for the last year. Here is a little history of why Linda decided to get into Pilates!

Why Pilates Linda??

“Twelve years ago I had surgery to remove arthritic spurs from my spine.  I have degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis and arthritis.  My physician told me that I had the back of an 80 year old woman.  He recommended a post physical therapy “program’ called Athletic Engineering.

The training and the classes combined Pilates, TRX, Cross-fit and progressive physical therapy exercises to help me safely become fit again.

When I moved to McCall, I tried various classes and programs, but none of them were as all-encompassing as Athletic Engineering.  When the Pilates Studio opened in 2014, I tried a few classes with Lisa Marie and soon I could feel that the muscles supporting my back were strengthening again.

Creating space between my vertebrae helped my posture which in turn alleviated back pain and allowed me to participate in recreational activities again.  I have learned again to listen to my body and now treat it well with Pilates!”

She is scheduling clients at a special student instructor price for a limited time. Offering Private pilates on mat, reformer and barre at the studio.  Check out the menu on the website, and give the studio a call today to schedule a session.  Don’t miss out on the special offer!

Linda Paul Thompson

McCall Resident and Pilates/Barre  Student Instructor