120 minutes of Indoor Pilates will do you good!

I often get the question from my friends and people I meet outdoors, why workout inside when we have a playground of endless outdoor activities? Why pay for workouts?

Well to answer these questions, let me tell you a few things…

Yes, I’m an outdoor junkie, absolutely love to run, hike, kayak, ski, camp, and bike outdoors. I moved to Idaho to enjoy the great outdoors. So why would I pick a job that requires me to be inside? Well, to answer that question, I will explain how I fell in love with Pilates and why I think every outdoor athlete and enthusiasts should practice the method too.

Here is a little story: Years ago in middle school, I started running 5k fun runs and joined cross country. I absolutely loved running. Unfortunately, I ended up with a stress fracture in my femur, and lower back pain at a young age. This could have been prevented if I understood how cross-training and stretching are important. However, the emphasis was put on running more miles. If only Pilates was introduced to me in my younger years, I could have prevented numerous injuries. However, I kept running throughout college with tons of injuries in between each race. I then ended up with a big injury in 1998 skiing, broke my humerus, wrist, patella, and tore my ACL. I will never forget my doctor telling me ” you will never run over 3 miles again”. Ummm….what? You should have seen my eyes, for someone to tell me that my running career was over, was complete Bull#hit. However, I just kept running, and never focused on balancing my body. If only the doctor would have suggested Pilates instead of pissing me off.

Luckily, I then fell into the path of Pilates, it literally saved my life. I learned how to breathe again, run with efficiency, and kayak with grace.

I could go on and on with my story, but I’m going to cut to the chase. If you are an athlete and want to continue your outdoor activities for life, you should take 120 minutes of your weekly time and check out Pilates. It seriously is amazing and will make you a better athlete.  Taking 2 hours of pilates weekly will prevent injuries! You are probably wondering how…

Pilates will focus on full-body movements, find the edge of your potential, and stretch out your muscles and fascia in a way you never thought that was possible.

To stay injury-free, you need to be ready for movements that your body will never experience with the repetitive motions of running, biking, paddling, or skiing. That is why pilates works, you challenge your body-mind in a way that is not repetitive but with new motions that will require more muscle control, and reactions.

So I challenge you to take 120 minutes of your life weekly to get your dirty feet into the door of pilates!



See you in the studio,

Lisa Marie