What to expect in your first session at McCall Idaho premier Pilates Studio…

Welcome to our blog posts. Are you thinking about trying Pilates in McCall Idaho, Yoga Trapeze or GYROKINESIS ®?

Don’t be afraid, you will step into our casual, safe studio in McCall Idaho and within the first few moments, you will learn how to quiet the mind. Learn how to breathe without stress and fear. You will learn how to move like a kid again. Graceful and fun!

Mindful movement will help you achieve more strength, flexibility, and you will gain full control. Step on the edge of your possibilities with movement and feel the power you can gain by learning more about your body.

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Learn the possibilities

What to expect for your first session…

Now that you are ready to take the step to sign up for your first session, here are a few things to take note.

Arrive at the studio a few minutes early so you can fill out our intake form, waiver, and be ready to plunge into a fun 55 minutes of movement.  Let your instructor know what your goals are. Your first session will be tailored around you, so don’t be afraid to ask questions or let us know what you expect out of your session.

Learn about the studio etiquette: 

Wear comfortable fitness wear, you will not need shoes.  Please do not wear necklaces or long earrings, and pull long hair back if needed.

We provide water, all the equipment, and have a changing room-bathroom.

A few things to consider, turn your cell phone off to quiet at the studio, don’t wear shoes in the studio, refrain from wearing heavy perfumes or lotions. Please pay for your sessions before or after the session. The studio also has a 24-hour cancellation policy. Please reschedule or cancel 24 hours before your session or class.

How to get to McCall Pilates Studio: 

The studio is located at 335 North Deinhard Lane in McCall Idaho. Park on the north end of the parking lot, next to Synergy Salon. Walk up the ramp, open the first door on your left. We are located on the bottom level on the right. Come on in, and an intake form should be waiting for you on the bench.  Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your session or class.  Check out this link for a map: Direction

You are going to absolutely love learning about you!

See you at the studio,

McCall Pilates Team

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