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Why we teach…

“I absolutely love movement and love the challenge of providing feedback to help my clients create graceful, pain-free, and fun movement. Sharing the love of pilates and efficient movement to others makes me wake up every day with a purpose!  As a little girl, I loved to dance, move, run and dreamed I would be a coach someday. I fell into the path of Pilates winning a gift certificate for a private Pilates session, after one session I fell in love with Pilates. Pilates got me out of pain, I  learned how to move with grace and still work on it every day.  Each day I feel like a detective and absolutely love finding imbalances to create balance. ”  Lisa Marie

“I love to teach because it makes me really happy knowing I’m making a difference in people’s lives. Whether it be through the physical part of a class or just sharing a laugh, I love knowing I’m helping people through fitness. Funny enough, I accidentally fell into hammock yoga. I had done aerial silks before and wanted to bring something like that to McCall. When a friend suggested getting certified in hammock yoga, I jumped at it knowing no one else in McCall or Idaho, was teaching this specific style.” Gwen

“I love teaching Pilates because I have always appreciated the power of personal connection.  Intentionally engaging the physical body in any form of exercise can be beneficial but Pilates is very mindful and deliberate and I enjoy helping people discover more about themselves through movement.  Clients will encounter ranges of movement they didn’t know they could achieve while also learning how to move through their limitations with more ease. Additionally, focus on breath is something I have come to appreciate as a true means to help heal the body on many levels.  I have several clients who report they use breath work to help them in daily life and to help them with sleep difficulty. The joy of hearing someone say, “the cues you gave me yesterday about using my shoulder really helped my understanding”, is very rewarding. I have found the Pilates method to be a system that helps one gain body awareness and deep core strength, which flows into daily life.  ” Deb

“Teaching for me is a very personal interactive experience, whether it is working with a private client or class. Assisting others to gain self-confidence in themselves and further knowledge of the beautiful mechanics of the body, is very exciting and rewarding! To see a client become stronger, and want “more” is one of the most win-win experiences I have ever known. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach.  I have always been fascinated by the many facets and systems of the human body. To me, the human body, and the body of every being on the planet is “sacred biology(TM)”. As I moved deeper into my Pilates practice, I realized I was connecting with an unexplored part of myself, new territory for me. I became intrigued with this Pilates journey! I am in my sixties. How wonderful to have new horizons!! Teaching was the next logical step, as I wish to share my joy of mind, body, spirit connection with others. My teaching philosophy is: first, do no harm, second, let’s become stronger and more joyful together” Susu



Lisa Marie

single leg

Lisa Marie has been teaching Pilates and Personal Training for over 14 years. She started practicing Pilates due to numerous injuries from years of training, and a major ski accident in 1998.

She realized years of training without proper movement and her past injury lead to her chronic lower back and neck pain. Her first Pilates session with Steve O’Neil at the Pilates Studio in Salida, Colorado taught her that she was not breathing correctly but holding so much tension in her neck due to past injuries and chronic allergies.

After just a few private sessions, she knew that Pilates was her way to find relief and to move in an efficient, and graceful way.  That day she realized, she needed to learn but also share the Pilates method to all.

Lisa Marie is a Balanced Body Master Trainer, she can train aspiring instructors on all apparatus and pilates equipment.

Give her a call today if you would like to go get more information on the Balanced Body Pilates education program.

Education and Credits

  • Western University Graduate, Gunnison Colorado 2002 , Oregon State Crew member 1998-2000, Western State University Cross Country and Track 2000-2002, American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Specialist Trainer  2004, Physical Mind Institute, Cherry Creek, Colorado Mat 1 & 2 2005, Balanced Body University, Comprehensively -Kathleen Haden. Master Pilates Teacher -Nora St. Jones, Sacramento, CA.  Pilates for MS and Neurological Conditions Pilates Trainer- Mariska Breland, 2014.Watsu/Aquamotion Water bodywork, TRX Certified Core Trainer, Stand Up Board Pilates instruction, and Oov practitioner
  • Ongoing education credits attended with: Madeline Black, Cara Reeser, Eric Franklin, Nora St. Jones, Ruth Alpert, Mariska Breland,  and John Appeal (Oov)




Deb Fereday



Deb has always had a passion for movement that goes back to the  “80’s” and “90’s”, providing Jazz dance fitness classes for women, men, and children through owning and operating a Jazzercise franchise in McCall, Idaho. She teaches Yoga on Sundays at Rudy’s Gym in McCall and has been with Rudy’s since they opened.   Deb began her high school teaching career in 1992, teaching science and health education at McCall-Donnelly High School, retiring in 2014.

An outdoor enthusiast, Deb enjoys hiking, biking, skate skiing, and camping with the family.   Most days in the spring, summer, and fall Deb can be seen walking with her dog Moki, a Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon, in Ponderosa Park.

Pilates is the method that helped Deb recover from an overuse injury and hip pain.  She loves the one to one, small class interaction of Pilates and assisting others in discovering their own unique capabilities regarding strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance while using the power of the breath. Deb’s classes are full of amazing cues and years of experience!

Deb is a Comprehensive Balanced Body Certified Teacher and has been teaching movement for over 30 years!!!

Gwen Asmussen


Gwen Asmussen, Certified Yoga Trapeze Instructor will be offering private sessions on the trapeze and small group classes at the McCall Pilates Studio.
She was born and raised in Aspen, CO, Gwen grew up skiing and racing most of her life. She was a member of the 1998 US national downhill team. While racing at Western State College, she quit downhill and turned Pro, racing in Skier Cross and Extreme skiing. Gwen won the 2001 US Free Skiing Open in skier cross, qualifying for her first Winter X-Games. Winning numerous skiercross events across the country over her career, Gwen retired from professional skiing in 2005, competed in 3 Winter X-Games as well as many extreme skiing competitions. She moved to McCall in the spring of 2014 with her husband. Graduated from Western State College in 2001 with a B.A in recreation.
Certifications: Tabata instructor and Yoga Trapeze


Susan Kellogg (aka SuSu)


Susu begins a new journey at McCall Pilates Studio, she is a Certified Balanced Body Mat Instructor.  She decided to embark on a new path for herself, focused on strengthening her mind-body connection and began gryokinesis-gryotonic and Pilates training in 2016 with Sarah Lydford of Pilates Machine Works, in Richmond NZ. With’s Sarah’s experience and guidance. SuSu recognized that at a rather late point in her life, she had found a new passion. her whole being was benefiting from her practice and commitment to the movement.

Upon returning from NZ to Idaho in June 2016, Susu began working with Lisa Marie at the studio privately learning Pilates fundamentals, while gaining a deep appreciation for the philosophy of Joseph Pilates work. After decades of being a business woman, entrepreneur, and mother she is excited to share with you a new journey of movement.  Sign up for a private session or class today!

Training and Certification Experience:

8-day Intensive Training in Gyrokinsis

Balanced Body Mat Certification, Oov Certification

Over 35 years of practicing her personal meditation

Is a certified hypnotherapist/neuro-linguistic programming practitioner-trained with Richard Zarro, Woodstock, NY

Is a practicing level 2 Aromascience/Aromatherapist. Founder of Sacred Biology™ , using essential oils for better health and balance-trained with Aromaflex Academy, Nelson NZ




Jean Keese

Jean brings McCall Pilates Studio expertise in Pilates, Yoga & Holistic Health.  She believes Pilates is for everyone, and if you have to choose one type of exercise, Pilates is the best choice.  Her classes are designed to bring you to balance and make you stronger.

Having spent more than a dozen years working in the fast-paced, high-stress world of political marketing, Jean found exercise to be the best way to deal with stress. A former competitive cyclist, Jean discovered pilates and yoga after a training injury. She was hooked and started to make the shift to a new way of life. She eventually left politics and started down her new path.

Jean spent more than 9 years directing her own Pilates, Yoga & Barre studio in Northern California.  She recently moved her family to Donnelly, and spends a lot of her time enjoying the recreational opportunities that surround us. Jean will often teach on Saturdays.

Education and Certifications:

Auburn Pilates & Wellness,   Polestar Pilates, Balanced Body Barre, The Pilates Method Alliance Programming Pilates for Youth, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, Integrative Yoga Therapy,200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program, Ananda Ashram, Nevada City,E-RYT Status with Yoga Alliance,Director of Yoga Alliance Registered 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training Program,Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner, California College of Ayurveda, Professional Member of the National Association of Ayurvedic Medicine, National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, USA Cycling Certified Coach, Competitive (former) & Recreational Cyclist, Bachelor of Arts, Economics & Government, California State University, Sacramento