Pilates for everybody


Clinical Pilates is a specialized adaptation of traditional Pilates blended with a safe flexibility program designed just for you. Clinical Pilates is an evidence-based technique which can improve balance, increase core muscle and spinal stability, enhance performance, and assist with recovery from injury and rehabilitation.  A clinical pilates session approach is to look at your imbalances and improve and correct the imbalances by selecting the exercise/stretches that will overall improve your body and mind.

Clinical Pilates uses floor-based exercise programs together with spring-loaded reformer  apparatus to allow you to develop superior muscle control, improved balance and mobility, and better posture. The end result is improved functionality and efficiency, and reduced pain.


Pilates for MS

Pilates for Fibromyalgia

Pilates for Back Injuries

Pilates for a Healthy Heart

Pilates for Injuries

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