“While visiting my daughter and family in McCall, I asked for her to arrange a few Pilates sessions during my stay. She had heard good things about McCall Pilates. Knowing I am a long time regular Pilates devotee, she was looking for a good experience for me.
Little did she know that McCall has an exceptional, dare I say, outstanding Pilates studio. First, the studio itself is welcoming and sunny with all of the equipment Pilates available. Second the scheduling allowed for quiet, private sessions.
Lisa Marie is exceedingly well-trained in the Pilates method. Both provide very personal attention to the client’s body issues and concerns, and also provide the full Pilates’ experience. I will be arranging Pilates sessions on every trip going forward! Thank you, Lisa Marie, for making my trip to McCall even more enjoyable and healthy.”
LaVonne Smith
Corona Del Mar

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