What is PRI?


Tara Osborne DPT, PRC
Schedule a 1-on-1 assessment to recognize compensatory joint and muscle function.
Gain a deeper understanding of muscle isolation, activation, and/or inhibition to meet your functional goals.
Discover how to organize body movements with proper utilization of muscle activation and cuing to inhibit overactive muscle chains, and improve overall body performance.
Apply learned concepts to Pilates repertoire to enhance your body’s movements.
Schedule a follow-up assessment to understand joint and muscle function, learn modifications, and/or progress your program to elevate overall performance.

The McCall Pilates Studio & Tara Osborne DPT, PRC have joined to offer Postural Restoration with a Pilates twist. This unique service is a rare offering in the Pacific Northwest. Postural Restoration pairs wonderfully with Pilates as it places emphasis on addressing the specific needs of the human body’s natural asymmetry.
Why is Postural Restoration important? How does it fit into my Pilates practice?
The neurological, respiratory, circulatory, muscular and vision systems are not the same on the left side of the body as they are on the right, and vice versa. They have different responsibilities, function, position and demands on them. The body’s asymmetry is a good thing and an amazing design. The human body is balanced through the integration of system imbalances. The torso, for example, is balanced with a liver on the right and a heart on the left. Extremity dominance is balanced through reciprocal function; i.e. left arm moves with right leg, and vice versa.
Tara Osborne is trained and credentialed to recognize these imbalances and typical patterns associated with system disuse or weakness that develops because of dominant overuse. Creating a customized assessment of your body’s mechanics, Tara and the McCall Pilates Studio will work with you to create a program designed to address your specific needs.
To learn more about the Postural Restoration credentialing and method, visit www.posturalrestoration.com/about or reach out to Tara Osborne at idahophysicalrehab@gmail.com / 208-794-6869 for more information.