Summer Class Schedule

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Check out the different classes offered at the studio:

Fundamental Apparatus

Dive deeper into your Pilates practice by learning the Pilates fundamentals. Classes will be on a variety of apparatus. Class is open to beginner to advanced student.

Intermediate Apparatus

After learning the fundamentals this is a great class to go to the next level. Open to intermediate to advanced students.

Advanced Apparatus

Learn the advanced repertoire on the Wundu chair and towers. Prior apparatus Pilates experience is needed to join this class. Class is open to intermediate to advanced students. Prior Pilates apparatus experience is a must.

Buff Arms

buff arm
30 minutes apparatus class focus on upper body strength. Use of towers, weights, and thera bands during the class.

Strong Bones – Strong Core (Apparatus) Class

Focus on strength on apparatus for a fun filled class. Lengthen and strengthen your muscles and bones safely.

Stretch & Strengthen (Apparatus) Class

Focus on flexibility with dynamic and static stretches on the apparatus.

Oov Balance & Core

Get your oov on. What a great way to challenge your core on the Oov. 30 minutes of pure fun.

Trapeze 360 Yoga

hammock b&1
Join Gwen for a fun filled trapeze class. Learn how to fly on the trapeze. Classes are offered tuesday and thursday at 5:30 p.m. See the schedule for updates.

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