Private Pilates Sessions

Why should you take private Pilates sessions?

At McCall Pilates, we don’t believe in “cookie cutter” Pilates. We design our sessions to fit the individual. Private sessions allow a unique one-on-one focus suited to your particular needs. You will learn about your body’s natural asymmetries, strengths and imbalances, as well as compensatory habits. As you learn to move with grace and efficiency, you will reduce the risk of injury and unlock potential you might not have known you had!

Taking private Pilates sessions is the best way to start your movement journey and change your relationship not only to exercise, but to everyday activity. We offer a private beginner package of 3 sessions with postural analysis, equipment education, and the fundamentals taught by a fully certified Pilates instructor.

Take our series of private sessions and change your body and your life. You will never look back! Commit today to a stronger, better you.


Request a private appointment via email or call 208.315.3730