Private Pilates Sessions

Why should you take private Pilates sessions?

The Pilates method is focused upon the unique alignment issues and needs of the individual body. A private session allows you the opportunity and focus to dive deeper into your practice and address these issues and needs. It gives you the time and space to better yourself in every area of need or interest.

At McCall Pilates, we offer sessions that are designed for each specific client—we don’t believe in “cookie cutter” Pilates. The best way to start your movement journey is to take private Pilates sessions.  We offer a private beginner package of 3 sessions that includes an in-depth postural analysis, familiarization of equipment, and education of the Pilates fundamentals with a fully certified instructor tailored just for you. Take our series of private sessions to learn the method correctly. Learn about your body’s natural asymmetry, imbalances, strengths, and compensatory habits. You not only will learn how to move with grace, but efficiency, strength, and confidence, allowing you to reach your full potential!

These sessions will change your relationship with movement and exercise, change your body, and change your life. You will never look back. Dare to commit to a stronger, better you! Make the change, and schedule a session today.


Request a private appointment via email or call 208.315.3730