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SatDate: 12/15/2018From: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
This workshop is designed to dive deeper into your Pilates practice. Each workshop will be a fun 2 hour movement based workshop. If you are a teacher, learn new ways to cue the “Powerhouse” and new exercises to teach.
The term “Powerhouse” was created by Joseph Pilates who started the Pilates movement over 80 years ago and in today’s world of science is referred to as the lumbo-pelvic hip complex and is part of the stabilization system. Your Powerhouse is the center of the body which, when strengthened, creates the foundation for all movement.
Most people hear the word “core” and they immediately associate their core only with abdominal muscles but really your core consists of many more muscles. The Powerhouse muscles start at the bottom of your ribs down to the top of the hip and all the way to the bottom of your pelvis.
This workshop will get you in tune with your “powerhouse” and give you great understanding on how to take your powerhouse into the pilates repertoire and daily tasks.
SatDate: 1/19/2019 From: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Learn how to increase your strength in the upper body with Pilates. This workshop is designed to understand the shoulder and how the “powerhouse” will help you gain strength in the upper body.
Dealing with shoulder pain or issues, this workshop will go into detail on modification and variation for planks and side planks.
This workshop is designed for the Pilates client that wants to dive deeper into your practice of for the movement instructor that wants to gain more knowledge of the upper body anatomy.
Sat Date: 2/16/2019 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
This 2 hour workshop will focus on Pilates repertoire that involves dynamic and active stretches. Learn how to stretch safely and apply dynamic stretching into your routine. It is never to late to start a stretching routine. Start now by learning a safe routine just for you. Learn grace and become fluid.
Research has shown, Herda TJ et al (2008), that although static-passive stretches are beneficial, dynamic-active stretches are more functionally effective. Strength is being built while performing the stretches as muscular force is required to generate the stretch but they can be lower risk as no external force is being applied. The stretches are movement orientated which can help generate heat making the muscles more pliable and as there is muscle activation and contraction present, muscles are triggered to relax more. As one of the original principles is Flow, dynamic-active stretching really compliments Pilates  sessions bringing fluidity to the stretches and releases.
Sign up for all 4 workshops with Lisa Marie and get $20 credit on the March 16th workshop.
SatDate: 3/9/201910:30 am – 12:30 pm
2 hour Workshop focusing on your feet! Yes, your feet! The foot has over 50 bones and over 200 muscles/tendons/ligaments.  We are upright creatures and your feet are the roots to your tree. Keep your roots strong!
Learn how to stretch, strengthen, and control your feet. This workshop will focus on finding balance in your whole body-mind. This is the last of the 4 series. If you attended the last three you get $20 off this $45 dollar workshop. Please email Lisa Marie to get your $20 dollar off coupon before signing up for this workshop.

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