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The Perfect Plank

Line up your wrists with your shoulders. Stabilize your shoulder blades by engaging your serratus anterior. Pull in your transverse abdominals, draw your pelvic floor up. Lengthen your spine and keep neck long. Enjoy and breathe.

Exercise of the week (7)

Wall Push ups! If you struggle with pushups….try a wall push up. Put both hands on the wall. Walk away from wall. Both feet hip width apart and heels off the floor. On an inhale bend the elbows keeping shoulders back. On an exhale… Continue Reading “Exercise of the week (7)”

Exercise of the week

Plank: The Plank is one of my favorite poses/exercise in Pilates¬†and yoga. I believe it is hard to achieve correctly. Start with¬† your knees on the ground, hands underneath shoulders, and feet up off the group. Spread your fingers wide and grip the earth.… Continue Reading “Exercise of the week”

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