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Client Testimonials

“On my first day of skiing this year , after a few runs, I realized how strong my legs felt and didn’t get fatigued. I immediately knew this was great and I knew I had to credit Lisa, Gwen and Jeannie at McCall Pilates.
A year ago I suffered an illness which left me with inflammatory arthritis. I was in pain with limited mobility and wasn’t sure if I would ski again or be able to do Pilates. The instructors were able to adapt Pilates for me so I could continue to build up my strength and mobility. It was a slow process but with their expertise, patience and positive environment I am able to ski today. Thank you so much for helping me with my recovery!” Caroline V

“McCall Pilates is among my preferred studios, where Lisa Marie has extensive expertise in the Pilates discipline. Lisa Marie serves not only as an instructor but also as an educator, and I’ve enrolled in several of her courses and enjoyed every one of them!” Mary Lowe

“Lisa, Gwen, and Jeanne are incredible. I lifted heavy for 20 years. I got big and strong, but not really strong. There is a BIG difference between gym strong and functionally strong. I’m functionally stronger than I’ve ever been.

McCall Pilates has fixed much of my chronic back pain. The team has has helped me rehab from ACL surgery better than Physical Therapy.

MEN swallow your pride. This is a brutal workout. These ladies will kick your butt. It is worth every penny of the money and minute of the time. You will be a stronger man for your wife, kids, and that Elk Hunt.” Jason Wetsel

“A wonderful studio! Lisa and her team of teachers are patient, kind and really empower you to work to your limit while carefully watching and correcting your form. I enjoy both the group classes and privates. The studio is fully equipped with all the classic Pilates equipment + additional fascia-releasing tools that Lisa has collected herself and uses in sessions. She and her team are passionate about training students to achieve maximum range of functional movement pain-free. A must for any skier or athlete visiting or living in McCall!!” Anne Madden

“After working with several of these ladies over the last few months, I have gotten my postpartum diastasis recti problem from a gap that was 4 fingers wide, to maybe 1 finger. They have helped me so much in finding connection throughout my body and have helped me with trouble spots that had caused me pain for years prior. They have been so careful to protect my body while strengthening it. Pilates has been life changing for me, and being cheered on by people who find obvious joy in their work, like an artist with a masterpiece, has made it even better. Approachable, kind, passionate, detail-oriented… on top of these basic phenomenal qualities, each teacher has their own difference in style that keeps things fun and interesting. I started pilates almost by accident in an act of desperation to fix my body, and I have NO regrets. Every cent and every minute of time put into this low-impact but high-yield practice has been worth it. If I could give them 6/5 stars I would!!!” Morgan Jameson

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