Covid-19 Studio Safety

McCall Pilates Covid-19
Studio Safety Protocol 2021
McCall Pilates wants to keep you moving through this challenging time. We
have created a safety protocol for clients and staff to have a safe environment
to move. With that in mind we are following these safety protocols.
Part 1: Health and Hygiene
Covid-19 Symptoms and Self-Monitoring: People with COVID-19 have had
a wide range of symptoms reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe
illness. People with the following symptoms or combinations of symptoms
may have COVID-19. We ask you to monitor any symptoms listed below
● Cough
● Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Or at least two of these symptoms:
● Fever
● Chills
● Repeated shaking with chills
● Muscle pain
● Headache
● Sore throat
● Loss of taste or smell
All team members and clients must self-monitor for these symptoms. Team
members must review and execute the Team Member Health Certification;
clients must review and fill out a health certificate. If a client or team member
experiences any these symptoms please do not come into the studio.
Personal Protective Equipment: A face covering is required for all McCall
Pilates team members and clients when taking classes at McCall Pilates Studio.

The face covering must cover both the nose and mouth at all times.
Please have your mask on before entering the building.
Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer will be placed on the front desk and water
cooler. Wash hands or use hand sanitizer prior and after your session at
McCall Pilates
Hygiene: All team members and clients must implement good hygiene and
infection control practices. These practices include, but are not limited to, the
● Frequently wash hands: Team members are instructed to wash their
hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water at the beginning and
end of shifts, before and after each client, before and after meals, and
after using the restroom
Symptomatic Team Members or Clients: Should a team member or client
present with symptoms of COVID-19 or test positive for COVID-19 within 14
days of attending the studio, the team member or client must immediately
contact Lisa Marie upon such notice, McCall Pilates will review who the team
member or client had close contact with at the studio in the prior 14 days.
Appropriate notice will be provided to all individuals so identified, per CDC and
CDH guidelines. When notifying individuals, the identity and condition of the
reporting team member or client will not be shared.
Team Member Diagnosis: If a team member is diagnosed with COVID-19,
the studio will be shut down for 42 hours to properly ventilate and disinfect
the space. The team member will not be allowed to return to work until a
doctor clears them.

Part 2: Sanitation
Sanitation is key to ensuring the safety of everyone in the studio.
Disinfection Time: Every class or session time will have a 10-15-minute
cleaning time allotted to it prior to the next sessions. All equipment and props
will be cleaned before the next session.
Hard and Soft Surfaces: All high touch areas including light switches, door
handles, pens, countertops will be frequently disinfected and cleaned
throughout the day.

Common Space and Restroom: All common areas and restroom will be
frequently disinfected and cleaned throughout the day.
Equipment: In between each class or session all equipment will cleaned
and/or disinfected including frames, handles, bars, springs, carriages,
headrests, shoulder rests, extenders, jump boards, floor mats, balls, weights,
magic circles, dowels, bars, and pedals.
Air filtration: Air filter will be on throughout the day and UV filtration will be
used at night. Window will be partially cracked throughout the day.

Part 3: Social Distancing
The studio will observe strict social distancing to ensure (contact of less than
6 feet apart) is limited.
Entering the Studio: Please wear a mask before entering the building. A
sign will be posted at the front door asking clients to wear a mask and
maintain social distancing. Wash hands or use hand sanitizer before going to
equipment or mat.
Social Distancing Among Team Members: No more than 3 team members
at a time inside the studio.

Part 4 – Signage and
Signage: Signs for health and hygiene, sanitation, and social distancing will
be posted at the following areas:
● Front door Social Distancing and Masks required
● Hygiene Reminders
Team Member Documents: All team members must execute two documents
before reporting to work: (1) this Studio Safety Protocol; and (2) the Team
Member Health Certification.
Client Documents: All clients and staff must sign Client Health Certificate
before session (only needs to be signed once). Please cancel your
appointment if you are feeling sick or have been in contact with someone with
Covid-19. Please call Lisa Marie 208-315-3730 to cancel and notify