What is PRI?

Tara Osborne, DPT, PRC

The McCall Pilates studio and Tara Osborne, DPT, PRC have joined together to create an integration class featuring the bodies asymmetries with a Pilates twist. This concept, unlike any other in the area, addresses the diaphragms asymmetry, it’s impact on the entire body and the predictable movement pattern differences between the right and left side of the body. This concept will give you the tools to analyze and retrain hips, necks and back tension that plague optimal muscle recruitment and overall function. This concept is designed for the person who has felt his/her body is out of balance, experienced pain with certain movements, or is interested in a customized assessment of each specific muscle groups followed with a program designed to fit your functional or recreational needs.


  • Schedule a one on one assessment to recognize compensatory joint and muscle function that may be leading to your pain
  • Gain a deep understanding of muscle isolation, activation and strength to meet your functional goals
  • Discover how to organize body movements with proper utilization of muscle activation and cuing to inhibit overactive muscle chains to improve your overall body performance
  • Apply learned concepts to Pilates repertoire/exercise program to normalize your body’s movement
  • Schedule a follow up assessment to understand improvement in joint and muscle function, learn modification and/or progression to elevate your overall performance